Brightening Face Mask with Vit.C 50 ml

8.500 OMR +5% Vat

How to use/apply

-Avoid contact with the eyes
-Do not used on damaged and Irritated skin
-Discontinue if adverse reaction occurs
-Do not use with other preparations containing Retinol and AHABHA and PHA acids

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-Perfect for matured skin
-skin discoloration
-Dull skin and with Capillaries
-Enriched with an ultra stable form of Vit.C
-Rosehip Oil
-4 forms of Hyaluronic acid
-Stimulates the production of Collagen, making the skin tighter, firmer and smoother
-Reduced discoloration and evens out skin tone
-If use regularly, it slows down the aging process of the skin, smoothes lines and wrinkles
-It supports the fight against acne
-Soothes irritation
-Intensively moisturizes and regenerates


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